When to Replace Your Tires

Over time and miles, the tires of your car can age and degrade. As they degrade, they become more and more prone to failure. In most cases, a tire failure will just lead to inconvenience as you replace the problem with a spare.

However, other cases may cause a serious accident. Although most ends with property damage, about 400 deaths occur each year due to accidents caused by tire failure. You can choose Auto Mechanic Calgary for Trusted Car Repair at Tire Kings from various online sources. They provide professional car services.

How can tires degrade?

Your rubber tires interact with other components of the environment and break down over time. In fact, the environmental components of where you live have a great effect on long-term structural integrity of your tires.

Heat and sunlight can accelerate the rubber degradation process, and those who live in hot climates or coastal may need to replace their tires more often than those in cooler, drier climates.

Tire failure

Tire failure may occur due to:

Under inflation


Poor maintenance

Road defects and dangers

Structural defects

Improper installation

Overloading your vehicle

Tire aging

You should always keep your tires inflated to a level regularly and check for uneven wear properly and the separation of the tread. If your tires are damaged, it is important to take your vehicle to an experienced mechanic who can repair, rotate or replace.