The Hard Facts On Asphalt Repair

Asphalt pavement may begin to deteriorate soon after it is set. Fuels and lubricants get dissolved and water and sunlight accelerate oxidation to break ties. Open asphalt can lose half its thickness in twenty years.

Within a year or so, the original black color began to pale. Asphalt binder began to lose plasticity. Cracks may get formed. After five years the entire thickness of the pavement becomes oxidized and brittle. The color is light gray

To determine whether you need any repair, go and have a look at it or you may hire asphalt repair firm in Charlotte via Here are some signs to look for:

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Coarse Asphalt:

Is your asphalt surface is not smooth? Can you see the tops of stone or showing aggregates through? Are pieces of stone out of your asphalt? These are all signs that you should have your parking sealed and repaired.

Cracked Asphalt:

Do you have cracks that appeared in the asphalt you? This can be caused by one of the advantages of water below the parking area or less sealcoat proper maintenance over the years. These areas can be repaired with a good crack filling rubber or remove and replace it with new asphalt depends on how bad the damage was.

Outdated Stripes:

Is parking space striping and stenciling looking outdated? Are the old lines appearing through your old sealcoat? This is a sign that it is time to sealcoat and re-stripe the parking area. Striping is the most visible part of the parking lot and it is very important that you have done a neat job.