Pest Problem: All About Bed Bugs

It seems that everyone can talk about these days is the resurgence of bed bugs in North America. People are depressed with that this problem and no one seems able to stop the tide of the infestation. Well, they are back and will be here to stay if we are not careful.

Bedbugs are tiny parasites, reddish-brown that survive by sucking blood. They are not picky about the blood they drink, but humans are easy prey because of our regular habits and where our homes offer easily hides. You can easily find out the termite inspection companies via

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Their bites are irritating and can leave marks and rashes. They repopulate an area quickly, which made this even more troubling resurgence.

Why they are harmful to us:

Bedbugs are hiding and seek geniuses. They can hide in almost everything, even your hair, only going out for food. It can be hard to know you even have a problem until your problem is out of control. What's worse is that they can easily move on luggage or between apartments and condos. And once they are installed, it is almost impossible to get rid of them – some strains have even evolved to withstand pest control treatments available commercially.