Brief Overview On Eye Floaters

The vitreous, the translucent gel-like matter that fills our eyeball, is composed of 99% water and 1% collagen fiber. Sometimes people experience a hindrance sensation in their vision which is usually caused by eye floaters. These are little objects hovering within the gel-like substance of eyeballs and it is not directly these objects that you are seeing, but their shadows.

A lot of cases for eye surgery in Sydney is for this condition. Actually, one of the reasons for this condition is growing age because the gelatinous substance tends to lose its fluid and little parts of the gel break off and start floating around within the center of the vitreous body.

However, this is not the merely probable reason for floaters to arise. As the vitreous body shrinks and loses fluid with age, it might disconnect from the retina and start floating around within the eyeball and cause shadows on the retina. In fact, this is a very common disorder. It is called PVD – posterior vitreous detachment.

It’s painless and not dangerous in the majority of cases. However, there can always be trouble. The retina could be damaged in this process and also if floaters are too close to the retina, they might damage it.

Basically, any damage to the retina is a serious issue, therefore if you are actually seeing eye floaters, you should visit an eye specialist in any case. Moreover, you could click to read about the treatment for eye floaters so as to get rid of them safely.

The warning signs are flashes of light in vision. If you experience these, the retina is probably being damaged and you should seek medical attention immediately. Also if the number of floaters in your vision grows rapidly all of a sudden, that is a warning sign, too. But don’t wait for these to get worse.