Experience The Best Rafting Holidays In The World

We tell you about a different kind of travel – you will not get any stress. We will discover some amazing destinations around the world for water sports holidays!

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Experience The Best Rafting Holidays In The World

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Classic River Holidays

our rafting holidays are not just about the hurry, excitement and experience of white water rafting. You'll have some of the finest white water rivers in the world and "5 Star" campsites (though you can see "Hundred Million Stars" when you appear) with delicious apocalyptic drinks and entertaining expert guides. River rafting provides a spectacular experience amidst the most difficult forces of nature.

The Franklin River is just another great getaway for holiday lovers.

It is one of the amazing wild rivers of the earth, through silent pools, deep valleys and amazing rainforests. You can find the water level low in some places and high in different areas.

Another spectacular rafting destination is your Tatshenshini-Alsek River in Alaska. If you are visiting, do not overlook the spectacular off-river hike. It is possible to opt for a more exciting sightseeing experience in Murray River, Australia, in which you will discover a variety of rapid grades to gain hair-raising experiences.

For more water sports, you can opt for the fun and excitement of biking and canoeing. Whether you want to see dolphins in the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary or experience a friendly seal in Rapid Bay, we can design the perfect experience for you.

Family Rafting Adventure Tours

River trips are not just for children. We can also plan the perfect, safe experience for you and your loved ones. We are going to introduce your children to the joy of swimming, the joy of the outdoors and they will get to know about foreign cultures.

Some onsite teachers will teach you about paddling, safety and rafting abilities, and they are always with you on every trip.

When planning a holiday vacation, you get one of the best holidays to the destination and you will go to ensure your flight tickets, hotels, car rental, trips, destination maps, and a complete trip to Manuel front of your journey.

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