How to Repair Damaged Bricks at Home?

Bricks are used for many building works at home. This may include walls, fireplace, floor, and decorative features. The damaged bricks may have discoloration, cracks or can be warped.

The damage may also result from fixtures on the wall. It can be by drilling, nailing, hanging doors or windows.

The repair is usually by removing the damaged brick and replacing it with another without bringing down the abutting structure. The bricks for replacement must be similar in texture and color. You can have a peek at this website to know more about fireplace brick repair.

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The repair of damaged bricks on external walls should be carried out immediately. This is to prevent seepage of water during the rains or wet season. This can allow moisture to cause efflorescence on painted internal surfaces.

The tools for the repair work may include a masonry hammer, chisel and electric grinder for cutting. This grinder is used for cutting the brick into small pieces while it is still in the wall. While the work is in progress, ensure the abutting surfaces are protected.

The damaged bricks on a wall surface are first marked out. This allows the repair pattern to be formed. The bricks on the lower courses are repaired first then the ones on the upper courses. Sometimes the brick unit can be chiseled and a half of it removed.

This is usually done where the part to be repaired is a structural member like an arch, chimney breast or mantel.

Therefore the repair will be to a facing built into the half slot formed. This allows the structural member to retain its work of carrying loads without it being damaged.