How To Find A Mortgage Broker In Windsor Ontario

If you have decided to buy a home or refinance your mortgage in Windsor Ontario you can shop for a mortgage.

The best way to shop for a mortgage is to deal with a Mortgage Lenders Windsor Ontario of OMAC Mortgages Windsor. They have access to all types of lenders that deal with all the different types of consumers. A mortgage lender will have access to the large banks, but also have access to local lenders in your area.

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You should not run around applying for a mortgage and do some research to make sure you choose the mortgage broker in Windsor Ontario who has your interests at heart. Here are some tips you can use to identify whether you are dealing with a legitimate mortgage broker in Windsor Ontario.

  • Do they have an office?
  • Ask them what types of financial institutions they deal with to get an idea of how they are credible. The big banks will only process credible and legitimate brokers.
  • Do they have access to many lenders in Windsor? If for some reason you have not approved by the bank, the broker must have secondary lenders so that you do not make an offer on a house only to learn later that you do not have a mortgage.
  • Are they allowed? All mortgage brokers and mortgage agents must be licensed in the province of Ontario. You can check if a mortgage brokerage or mortgage agent in Ontario is allowed on the FSCO website.
  • Customer testimonials – they have everything?

If you found a good mortgage broker, now it’s time to find the mortgage. Ask lots of questions and consider your options. Make sure you choose a mortgage that reflects your financial goals in the long term. A good mortgage broker should be able to provide you with lots of information and lots of options.