Some Facts About Myofascial Massage

It is not an unknown fact that Myofascial Release therapy is a very beneficial technique. There is many professional therapeutic massage Christchurch clinic which provides this kind of therapy in the most appropriate and effective way. To perform this therapy the therapist uses the palms or fingers, or for greater pressure using the knuckles, fists or elbows to penetrate deeper into the fascia.

Usually, the therapist will apply effleurage strokes in diverse directions on the fascia, either beside the length of the tissue or across the fibers to break the strain. For a greater impact, some friction techniques can be utilized on the fascia by using the fingers, knuckles or elbows to pinpoint more strained spots of tissue.

Below mentioned are some vital facts about Myofascial release therapy:

  • Myo means muscle, and fascia is the chief connective tissue, and the main point for almost all the soft tissue in the body. Sometimes soft tissue can become damaged, creating snags and restrictions that limit movement and create pain. So with the therapy, those snags and restrictions are released which, restores balance, movement, and health.

  • Fascia creates a structure within the body that is perfectly balanced and flexible. Without fascia, the living skeleton would be no more than a pile of bones on the floor.
  • Damage to fascia can be caused by accidents & injuries; surgery & scar tissue; the repetitive nature of work or leisure activities, posture, stress. You can go to this site to know more reasons for fascia ailments.

  • It is the main connective tissue in the body, connecting everything to everything else. It creates a 3D web running through and around all other body structures including muscles, nerves, blood vessels, bones, and organs.