Day Trip of Jerusalem

For thousands of years, Jerusalem has been the seat of many controversies. Its rich history speaks them all and its vast culture today reflects the very beliefs and traditions of its people even before the birth of Christ. It is a holy sanctuary to many religions. This includes Christianity, Judaism and Islam. To know more about the Best Christian Tours of Israel, you can browse the web.

Marked with the conquest of the land by King David, and the grandeur of the first Temple in Jerusalem during the reign of King Solomon, Jerusalem became the main city of all worship during the ancient times. It became the capital of the Jewish people and the foundation of the next generation until Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the temple.

With the destruction of the first temple of Jerusalem, thousands of dreams have died along with it. Today Jews even consider this as a punishment from God, a bitter episode that led to exile and the destruction of the ancient Jewish.

However, the saga went on with the succession of its rulers, bloody battles and even political intrigues. Jerusalem was conquered six times, became a pawn for ambitious generals until it fell into the hands of Ptolemy I.

Ptolomies led Judea subsequently for hundreds of years but a clash of ideologies came upon Jerusalem, particularly during the tyranny of Antiochus. The early Jews were forced to worship Greek Gods, until the Maccabean revolt opened the roads to liberate Jerusalem and restored the services of the defiled Temple.