Clothes Lines – A Simple Invention That Stands The Test Of Time

Human beings have been using clotheslines as long as they have been washing clothes. The most basic clothesline, an idea still used in Victorian times, was to simply lay clothes over a bush to dry.

The first proper clothesline was a piece of rope or string tied tree to tree. You can also get the best services of hills hoist fixing in Sydney.

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As time has gone on updated versions have been introduced. Most notably the Hills Hoist invented in 1946. This was the first popular clothesline and not long after its invention in Australia sales had rocketed and the company soon had to expand to keep up with demand.

However, in the last few decades of the 20th Century more and more people started using electric clothes dryers for convenience. But now we are starting to see the error of our ways for many reasons.

The lovely fresh smell of washing dried outside is a great bonus. Plus electric dryers are very harsh on clothing, stretching, shrinking, fading and sometimes completely wrecking fabric. Clotheslines keep clothing in good condition for longer.

Modern clotheslines come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. With one to suit every home, to go indoors or outdoors there is no excuse for anyone to still be using an electric drier. You can even get a clothesline that rolls up to fit in the palm of your hand for traveling and camping.

Disabled people will fully appreciate modern clotheslines as they can be positioned low and are easy to use. As well as individuals choosing the right clothesline for their homes, different nations have different attitudes to clotheslines!