Why It Is Important To Recite Good Night Prayer Daily?

It is not vital for just children to pray before sleeping but it is necessary for the entire family to pray to God before sleeping. Actually, making a practice for routine goodnight prayer can transform lives to a great extent. Since in various studies it has been reported that people who pray before they go to bed suffer less from pain, despair, resentment, anxiety and thus they live a happy blissful life.

You can also look at the website like El Tren de la vida to know how to say goodnight prayers. Now you may read the following mentioned points to know the reasons that make goodnight prayer supreme for our holy lives and can be a helpful means for everyday life.

  • Make reciting goodnight prayer priority – It is understandable for everyone that prayer is your connection with God and it opens up the Heavens to hear your petitions. Making prayer a goal before bedtime keeps the lines of communication open. It also gives us a voice when we feel that we have none in the world.

  • Helps to ease physical pain – People who recite a goodnight prayer (better known as Oracion de Buenas noches in the Spanish language) for 20 minutes, along with using affirmations found that they had less painful headaches! When commonly practiced, these calming effects are not temporary, but long term.
  • Alleviates stress – Praying a goodnight prayer can help ease anxiety. Prayer can heal emotional wounds can help you harness wild thoughts that work to keep you captive.

  • Helps clinical depression – In a study, it was observed that the positive response to medication had little to do with the feeling of hope that typically accompanies spiritual belief.

You may also hop over to this site to get more clear understanding or to know about some of the prayers for recitation before sleeping. There is the example of 5 good night prayers which you can use to pray to God.