Binge Eating Disorder Facts

Binge eating is a kind of disorder where the person hogs on the food in repetitive episodes without any effort whatsoever to control their weight. There is a lot of purging, excessive exercising to undo the effects of eating.

Loads use of diet pills and medication like laxatives are also used to reverse the effect of eating. It is a kind of mental illness. If you want to know more about binge eating disorder, then you can also visit

Statistics show that around 4% of the women and 2% of men are affected by this disease in their lifetime. This mostly occurs during the developing stages such as adolescence or early adulthood.

Males constitute about 33% of the individuals who have binge eating disorder. However, there seems to be the difference in the regularity of this disorder occurring based on ethnic group.

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Did you know about 65% of the people having binge eating disorder are struck with obesity? And around 20% are overweight, or even more. It was discovered that there is a higher risk of developing some different type of psychiatric illness with the people who have this disorder.

This disorder prolongs for more than 14 years and the only minute 7% of this case gets resolved in the first year of illness. There has been no specific cause for binge eating disorder, as the other mental illness. It is actually an outcome of complex genetics and factors which are environmental and psychological in nature.

There are been varying effects on people when they change their eating habits. Some will tend to lose weight when they change to a low cal diet, while others may gain weight in the long run. However, medication is found to be effective in reducing the number of times eating urges take over.