Are You Suffering From Ethicon Physiomesh Injury?

Ethicon physiomesh injury

The product physiomesh was launched by the Ethicon which was the flexible composite mesh, these meshes are made up of the material which includes polypropylene.

The polypropylene material has been broken down into the patient’s body which leads to complications such as hernia recurrence, swelling, bacterial infections and many other health issues.

Instead of curing hernia this physiomesh has created injuries as well as health issues due to which the victims have to go for another treatment to cure the complication done by this mesh.


Even after knowing the bad consequences of the polypropylene material Ethicon still manufactured further products which are made up of the same material.

Due to this many people suffered from it and undergone the re-operation to cure the Ethicon physiomesh injury.

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What is Ethicon physiomesh lawsuit?

Most of the people suffered Ethicon physiomesh injury if you are one of them then there is a ray of hope for you to fight against this.

After observing the increase in the number of the patients of this kind of injury the lawsuit that came into a picture is Ethicon physiomesh lawsuit, with the help of this you can raise your voice against the manufacturer and get the claim for it.


Here some examples of it that once a woman suffering from the blockage in her intestine as well as chronic pain a lawsuit against the manufacturer Ethicon and got claim against it.

Similarly, Illinois man raises his voice with the medium of Ethicon physiomesh lawsuit against the manufacturer, as he was suffering from physiomesh causing allergy as well infection on the surgical site.

So if you are suffering from an Ethicon physiomesh injury then you should file a lawsuit against it.